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Early Childhood Dental Visits

Your child’s oral health at a young age plays a significant role in their development and well-being into adolescence and adulthood. Visiting the pediatric dentist at an early age for the child’s first dental visit is the first step in promoting healthy habits not only for the child’s teeth but also their overall systemic health. Poor oral health and dental disease can lead to pain and infection, leading to an decrease in a patient’s quality of life. With the advances in technology and minimally invasive dentistry, we always aim to make your child’s early dental visits as seamless as possible. Here are some tips and major benefits to the early childhood dental visit that can help ensure a lifetime of healthy habits!

As per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the best time for a child’s first dental check-up is when the first baby tooth erupts into the mouth or no later than his/her first birthday.Why so early for the first visit?

  • Creating familiarity for the patient with the dental setting. At such a young age, patients will often express fear or anxiety in regards to doctor’s appointments. As pediatric dentists, we always want patients to feel comfortable, so if we can familiarize them with a fun atmosphere and smiling faces early on, it can make future visits a joyous experience for all involved. At Bright Healthy Smiles, the office is filled with games, iPads, televisions on the ceiling, and special prizes for the children!
  • Developing healthy dental habits. Not sure which kind of toothpaste or toothbrush to use? Having some trouble brushing your squirmy one year old’s teeth? Don’t worry! These are some examples of very common questions we get asked all the time. At the child’s first dental visit, we will be sure to explain and demonstrate proper techniques and products used in order to maintain your child’s beautiful smile.
  • Education for the parents. The most important aspect in creating healthy dental habits is to focus on homecare. Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma! We pride ourselves on the ability to educate parents on how to prevent tooth decay from forming in your child’s mouth, including tips on healthy dietary choices. We will also provide education on your child’s pacifier/thumbsucking habit if present and how to help wean off. 
  • How to handle a dental emergency. Whether it be your child experiencing tooth pain or trauma to a tooth from an innocent fall, we are always here to help! It is extremely important for parents to have a pediatric dentist to call if there is an emergency situation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bright Healthy Smiles family! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 212-355-7760.

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