Pediatric Nutritionist in NYC

Oral health is significantly influenced by three main factors; genetics, oral hygiene habits (brushing and flossing) and the foods in one’s diet. We need our teeth to eat, but most importantly the foods we eat can affect the health of our teeth. Research shows a strong correlation between the foods that kids eat, as well as the habits in which they eat and their risk for cavities. At Bright Healthy Smiles, we understand that every child’s nutritional needs are different, which is why we provide individualized nutrition services to all of our patients by a trained pediatric nutritionist right here in our NYC office.

Whether your child has a complex medical history or just dealing with a picky eater, as a parent you just want to make sure your children are getting the adequate intake to meet their needs. Poor oral health has long-term consequences. Our team of dental and nutritional specialists work together with you to analyze your child’s condition and teach you exactly how to optimize their nutritional status. 


Child eating healthy food

Proper oral health starts early and it starts with you. Similarly, setting up good eating habits at a young age can set up your child for success as they continue to grow.


At Bright Healthy Smiles, as part of our new patient appointments, we dedicate a portion of the visit to talking about nutrition. Starting good habits early can hopefully reduce your children’s risk for cavities as they continue to grow and get more teeth. As children start to get older and are able to make dietary decisions for themselves conversations can start to include them and range from understanding the importance of fruits and vegetables and what components make a oral-health and overall health approved snack.  


Ms. Jillian Kaye

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

jillian kaye is our nyc pediatric nutritionist dietitian

First Dental Office With a Pediatric Nutritionist in NYC

Here at Bright Healthy Smiles we want to provide our patients with the most comprehensive dental care, which is why we are the first pediatric dental office to have a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in office. 

We understand that with all the complex and often contradicting nutrition information out there, it can be difficult to understand what are the right foods to meet your child’s individual needs. This is why we have a trained nutrition professional here to answer all your nutrition questions, whether it’s related specifically to their oral health or beyond.

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