Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants are thin coatings that prevent food and bacteria from getting caught in the grooves of the back teeth. Along with excellent home care and regular dental visits, dental sealants provide extra protection for your child’s back teeth and help prevent most cavities from forming. All of the sealant materials used in our office are BPA-free, bio-compatible and safe to be placed in your child’s mouth. With all of the modern advances in dental technology, there are now many different types of dental sealants that can provide further protection with extra fluoride release into the grooves of the back teeth. In our office, we use both resin-based sealants and glass ionomer sealants depending on the anatomy of your child’s tooth. 

The key for a successful sealant is having isolation to block any moisture from getting onto the tooth structure where the sealant material will be placed. However, if adequate isolation is not possible, we will choose a different sealant material that can work well with moisture and make your child’s sealant experience as easy as possible!

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