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Featured in City Kiddies Newsletter

We chatted with pediatric dentist Emanuela Corielli from Bright Healthy Smiles about when you should send your kiddie to the dentist for the first time, …

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Early Childhood Dental Visits

Your child’s oral health at a young age plays a significant role in their development and well-being into adolescence and adulthood. Visiting the pediatric dentist …

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Nutrition and Oral Health

When one thinks about nutrition, one thinks about the effects the food has on one’s bodies. Are we providing our body the right amount of …

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Why are children starting orthodontics so young?

When I grew up, braces were common in middle school and high school, but not elementary school. The general thought process back then was to …

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Brushing Baby Teeth

Name: Emanuela Corielli, DDS Company:  Bright Healthy Smiles Contact info: ph: (212) 355-7760, email: [email protected] How many years have you been in business in NYC? …

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CariVu – Embracing New Technologies

Bright Healthy Smiles is proud to bring innovation to pediatric dentistry, with the goal of offering the smoothest and most clinically advanced experience to our …

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